Chronicle from New York City : Beco Restaurant

Hey, I hope you are fine, for me it’s quiet good because i have fiew suprises for you soon. But for now i don’t say anything else. You have just to come back to the the blog (uhuh ^^). So today, we escape from Manhattan to go to Brooklyn, one of the five buroughs of New York. The funny thing about Brooklyn is the way the neighborood change in 15 years. In a time not so long, a lady alone in night could walk just five minutes in the street without being in trouble, now it’s became Hipsterland.


mister_fourchette_horizontal_03Some grafitti


Williamsburg is the place to be or to live for every true hipster, it’s a sort melting pot with young people with strange haircut and big glasses. It’s a quiet peacefull place now, much calm than in Manhattan, but not far from the center of New York. Here you have just to walk and discover some place with cripy look on the outside but tasty food in the inside.


mister_fourchette_horizontal_02mister_fourchette_horizontal_05Game : an hispter id hidden in this image, do you able to find he ? I help you he is wearing a mustache


Beco Restaurant  is typically this type of place, when Marina and Pierre speake to me about this place, honestly i was not very excited, my knowledge about brasilian food was a kind of nothing. About Brasil, i just knew it’s far far away from France and on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, they have pretty girls with strings on the beach and if one day i will visit this country i will take care to not visit the favelas alone. So after a grafitti walk trip in Brooklyn, i arrived at Beco Restaurant  and joined my friends. Inside the place is pretty tinny with a little to much noise for me but with a good mood. I choose the special menu.


To this moment, i thought i doesn’t like spinach, but god damned, it’s fresh, fine cut, a little saucage is here to spice up the taste of this spinach salad to eat my meal. It’s a Feijoada by the way, assortiment of black bean cook, meat stew, orange, Farofa and spicy sauce with rice. With all this you could have a yummy Capiroska.





It’s good, it’s simple, the meat is very well cooked, i’m starving just to thinking about this meal, so if you too lovely reader, yo go to brooklyn, don’t hesitate, stop it and try it (don’t worry if you don’t have a moustache, some bizarre tattoos and big glasses you can enter).


Beco Bar Restaurant

45 Richardson Street

Brooklyn NY 11211