Chronicle from New York City: Bisous Ciao. Macarons

Hey, we say that macarons in New York are on the way to be next alternative to cupcakes for all fashionistas. It is true that this small cake has all that it is necessary to please everyone, the sweet food, all the colors, an upper look, the simple shape and especially the multitude of associations of flavor.


This little men derived of some meringue is made from powder of almond, icing sugar, sugar and egg whites. The dough so prepared is put down on a baking tray and cooks. This gives him his particular shape. Appeared in Europe to the Middle Ages, we are use to think that it come from France but the history teaches us that it is Catherine de Medicis who would have returned it with her from Florence. In Paris, and in particular in the Court of Versailles, the officers of mouth bearing the name of Dalloyau, ancestors of those who will establish in 1802 the house of gastronomy of the same name, served Kings of macarons, of 1682 until Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette.




Originally, the original macaron is constituted only by one biscuit, it is from 1830 that we begin to enrich it of spices, jam, cream to be able to attach them together (macarons are like that they like chill in band), and after we begin to color them with various colors.


Going out of my work recently, I walk just in front of this shop, white, spotless. I enter in Bisous Ciao. Macarons and I learn that the happy founders of this house are a couple of French people settled in New York City. Cock-a-doodle-do, my patriotic fiber is with me and I decide to test a small assortment of 6 macarons (2.50 $ each). Macarons are presented such of pieces of art on the stall and they all are very tenting, after a cornelian choice I decide finally to leave with a magnificent box to savour them at my home.


At my apartment, I open the package and begin to eat one by one this little cute macarons. I don’t know if you know but in New York it exists plethorae of macaron’s shop, one of the reasons which urged me to taste those from Bisous Ciao. Macarons is the creativity of their recipes, of course they prepare the classic recipes, the raspberry, the pistachio nuts etc. But I appreciate the efforts and the risk-taking to propose original flavors (like lavender for example, it’s is so outstanding). Macarons are generous and their all have very subtle aromas. The raspberry one is a delight because it has this small point of acidity which makes it fresh and tasty. After I tested the green in the jasmine tea, a quite soft sensation in mouth. The lavender and honey is my favorite, it reminds me summer vacations in the south of France.





If you stay in New York and want to try a small sweet pleasure for a moderate price, I recommend you to visit them. And you know what, Bisous Ciao.’s macarons have so much success that they opened 2 shops. If you go there, test it and to say to me what is your favorite flavor. So bisous ciao like we say in France (that means kiss and goobye for people who don’t know).



Bisous Ciao. Macarons Bisous Ciao. Macarons

Lower East Side West Village

101 Stanton Street, 235 Bleecker Street

New York, NY 10002 New York, NY 10002


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