Chronicle from New York City : Joe’s Shangai

Hey, something nice in New York, according to the districts where you are, you can have the the feeling not to be in New York. Chinatown is really a unique district, because the Chinese emigrants really builded the district according to their culture. The first decades of “Chinatown New-York” were dominated by “tongs” (translated in a neutral way by “associations”), group of influence constituted around landowners, around political alliances(wedding rings) (Kuomintang against the Chinese communist party), and sometimes of crime syndicates. These associations, generally one by street, supplied a protection against the antiChinese racism, helping the new immigrants to go into business, in particular by lending them some money.


So, since my arrival here, I had the opportunity to meet full of really great persons, and the advantage with new arriving as me it is that the local people or foreign people like me have full of good address to give. Marina, Pierre and Diogo have suggest to me enjoying the famous dumpling soup fromJoe’s Shanghai. Joe’s Shanghai it is more like a canteen than a traditional restaurant where we would go to savor his dishes for long hours. But they prepare the best dumplings of New York City, the foodies queue up to savor the small ravioli there filled with soup, so tasty… You can easily meet models and actors because Joe’s dumplings is considered in all Manhattan.




On arrival in the restaurant, the room is full of people and we settle us at a table of 10 persons (by the way thank Marina and Pierre of their patience I was very late), I admit that it is funny to think that we are going to eat just near someone we know not at all, it is pretty a nice idea to discuss with other persons. An advice, rather than to take each a dish, it is better to order in a group all the dish which tempt you and believe me the portions are generous enough to satisfy hungry and the prices are cheaps for New York (count about twenty dollars for the meal and drink).


Ok ok but you are here to discuss about dumplings, calm down it’s coming… I never had test these small balls stuffed by pork and soup, and very frankly it is very delicious. You have the choice for the way of eating them, or by putting them in a big spoon and by crunching, of the blow it you will see the broth pouring into your spoon and exhaling all its flavor, either as I to gulp down the dumpling as a glutton and to appreciate all it blocks. Once dumplings finish, we test a  full assortment really very fine ( the New York Times does not make a mistake there and it appoint in its list the best restaurant in New York) Spicy Szechuan Style Sliced Beef, Crispy Jumbo Prawns with Files Sauce caught my attention, I recommend to you to taste it.





I leave Joe’s Shanghai with exotic flavors in mouth and want to return soon as possible. My only question is how they make to put the soup into the dumping, i have to find the answer once i will return to my home…


Joe’s Shangai

9 Pell St
New York
(212) 233-8888




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