Chronicle from New York City : Levain Bakery

Hey, sometimes we think we know a dish. Cookies, everyone eats and love that, we all have a mommy or a friend who cook this with a good recipie. Well, when my friend Emmanuelle (whose blog The Homemade Pony is awesome, go visiting girls, Manue is a true faerie and have huges creatives ideas and it is full of small girlys stuff) told me about Levain Bakery, I confess, I was a little skeptical … This is the best cookies in New York, they are huge, and plenty of other compliments. She piqued my curiosity.




Located on the Upper West Side, right next to the New York Museum of Natural History, the shop does not look good at first, it is very small and have a limited entry . The staff are great and very smiling. I ordered a chocolate chip walnut (a classic cookie).


First of all, I’m surprised by the size, we are front a XXL cookie, generous, not for small appetize, never mind, this cookie does not scare me. Then, after the first bite, I understand Emmanuelle don’t exagerate, It’s like if I rediscover the cake, crispy on the outside but tender on the inside. The chocolate chip release their subtle flavors and I find myself to finish the cookie pretty fast. This cookie deserves every superlative, generous, delicious, amazing, all for 4 tinny dollars.


You know what, I think I’m just tasting the best cookie in the world.


Levain Bakery Upper Westside

167 West 74th Street

New York, NY, 10023


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