Chronicle from New York City : Luke’s Lobster

Hey, I had the chance to be sent by my company ( with american express to mention, i’m graphic designer here and now you know all about me) for a three months assignment in New York City, suddenly the blog goes live U.S. time for all this time.

Ah New York, the Big Apple, the city  that never sleeps … This place that I love so much for all that it can represent for a little Frenchy like me is truly magical. You spend your time your head up to have a look at the top of the buildings and the rest to walk without stopping. Shortly, if you’ve never been there, buy your ticket. And if you know Gotham City (nickname the New Yorkers give the city), come back soon because the city is in constantly in motion (which is also frustrating because when you find a good place, you can never be sure it wiil be here on your next visit).


Now, the scenery is set, the curtains are drawn, we can go on, serious business. One of the many big advantages of New York is its multi-cultural sides, the lover of good food always finds something here to satisfy his curiosity and his hunger (or reverse, in fact it depends what time is it). I start this first chronicle with the Lobster Roll :  in The Dictionary of American Food and Drink by John F. Mariani (the bible of any food lover from the new world) we learn that this famous sandwich was invented in 1966 by a certain Fred Terry, owner of the restaurant Lobster Roll Restaurant, when one of his regular customers asked to him a quick and easy sandwich to eat, the recipe is pretty simple a piece of mayonnaise, celery, lobster, all placed in a hot brioche. The sandwich was so successful that it became a legend …




You may have noticed this typically Yankee dish starts to be famous in Paris, I didn’t have the chance to try the Lobster Bar in Paris yet, but it’s a good thing because in this way I could judge knowingly.


The main disadvantage of Lobster Roll is its relatively high price (and yes these friendly critters are a bit of Kate Moss of the sea), usually expect to pay $ 30 for a drink sandwich menu. At this moment, the famous Luke came in scene,few years ago. Luke is a young student from Maine who comes to New York to study finance stuff. He complains to see his favorite lobster so expensive. When the genius idea came to him, his father being a lobster fisherman in Maine, why not open his own restaurant with sweet price Lobster Roll.


Following the story is a success story like the united states alone know them. Given the success Luke and his team mates saw their small restaurant chain growing to become one of the lobster references here in New York.


Godamn when we eat say the audience ok, ok that comes. So when we arrived at the restaurant we were surprised by the small size of the place. Here we ordered and ate at home like all good new yorker. A few chairs around a bar counter, sea utensils wall, menus filled with the name of the best customers of the restaurant, it’s done for the place. I ordered the traditional Lobster Roll with a bag of chips and a homemade mexican cola, the guy behind the bar said to me that even the chips are handmade, it’s a good start.


And then …

Gustatory orgasmic feeling !!! The sandwich is not very big (I confess to you that the gourmand in me was a bit disappointed at first look) but my god what a taste !!! This is fine and fresh, the  lobster frees all its iodinated flavors supported by light notes of the buttered sauce which the brioche is soaked of, sauce which does not follow quite the original recipe because it is not a mayonnaise, I think I prefer like that.


The Mexican cola is also very nice, I’ll have to found some information about the company that produces it, as compared to the usual Coca that everyone knows, well it is really nicer.


We left from Luke’s Lobster with a full stomach and a  big smile, thinking as finally the next Christmas I will not prepare the traditional lobster bisque, instead, it will be a rock n roll lobster.


Luke’s Lobster

426 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY ‎


Are you ready to jump in and come to see Luke and his friends with clips?