Chronicles from New York City : Hide-Chan Ramen

Hey, yes i know the blog is not updated since a while, it’s because many reasons, between my come back to France and my second mission here, it was happen so many things (some really good and some not so good but hey that’s life as we said) so i’m back to New York and today i will make you discover a really nice place.


Rāmens, everyone knows, this japanese noodle soup base on flesh or fish with broth of miso or soya. For your food culture, the rāmen word come from las mian, a chinese word which means literally pulled noodles, pastas of wheat pulled in the hand by the chef. They were imported in Japan at the beginning of the 20rd century and are now considered as a typically Japanese dish. Now you can be smart in the good society by talking about a brief history of the ramen through ages. 


A cool thing about New York is that when you believe to have a good list of cool restaurants, it happens often by chance that we fall on other even greater places which make us change our considerations ( that gives a good excuse for continue to search new ones ^^).


One evening, we looked for a hot dish, my friends Ignacio (go to see his website that rocks) and I fell in front of this small restaurant hidden in edges of a street, Hide Chan Rāmen, we had heard about it before so in a minute we took the decision to enter and tested it.





The place is very nice, the hosts of an incredible politeness are all Japanese, an advice if you have the opportunity to go in do not hesitate to do a reservation in advance because the address is more and more known, the line can be very long to have a table.


Once settled, we order Tonkotsu Miso Ramen, which is not the ramen star here but I confess to you that I was not very hungry at this moment (and then well stop laughing I make what I want it’s my blog). Some short minutes after the waiter  returns with our bowls, and how to say… yummy it is hot and excellent (yes in these cold days I think about you my reader who is in the tuff winter and you see, I am a nice person I tell you where to go to eat good food).


We dive into a perfectly seasoned broth (dive is a stylistic word I recommend to you to not try, already, because the bowl is too small unless you measure 2 feets and then because well I am no again convinced of benefactions of the Miso sausage for the skin), we slurp these divine noodles by making noise, and yes, by making noise because in Japan it is sign of politeness for the chef who makes that (that was confirm to us when a table of Japanese businessmans came to sit down just near from us). We crisp in the cooked vinegar egg, and don’t hesitate not to peck at all the small vegetables which compose this excellent broth.


In brief a very very good place which I recommend you if you come to spend some time in the big apple. An excellent place to spend a good moment between buddies.


Hide Chan Ramen

 East 52 Street

New York, NY 10022