Chronicle from New York City : Shake Shack

Hey, there are places like that in New York where you have to go, everybody agrees to say that Shake Shack is one of this major places. Just in the heart of Madison Square Park, Shake Shack is ” the fast food ” to enjoy ultimate burger.




Created in 2004 by Danny from Union Square Hospitality Group, Shake Shack is a pretty recent fast food, but which grows very fast because of his success. Shake Shack of Madison Square Park is the first one to open, that’s all for the history. The atmosphere of the park invites you to take your time to enjoy your meal while you can stay in the middle of trees, just near from the Flatiron Building (60 feets). The architecture of the place is rather vintage and I have to admit that I was pretty charmed with to the retro mood of the building, the small suspended lanterns reminds me a kind of French ginguette.


I warn you, arrive at Shake Shack, you risk to wait. Enjoy the best burger of New York asks a little of patience, victim of her success, a lot of people come to eat Smoke Shack or to appreciate the lemonade. But don’t be sad, the line moves rather quickly and finally that leaves the time to think about which burger you will choose.




After takes your order, the server give you a buzzer to warn you when your burger will be ready. A few minutes later, my buzzer vibrates, the Grail is soon in my hands, yummy, a very good feeling invade me.





My Double Smoke Shack in hands I find a small table to savour this monster of burger. The steak is really good, soft and cooked just tender, the  applewood smoked bacon is very tasty, small notes of hot peppers come to raise the taste and get married perfectly with the Shake Shack sausage (secret recipe grrrrrr). For people who don’tt like meat, Shake Shack also thought of you by proposing a vegetarian burger with mushroom, cheddar cheese and Munster, honestly i have eat it last year and it is pretty famous, I recommend it to you. Milkshakes is to damn, well on contrary to many fast food, all the menus of Shake Shack are made with fresh product and you can feel it when you will be eating it. The prices are a little more higher than the other fast foods in New York but high quality means more higher price.


Real legend in New York, Shake Shack deserves his title of better burger of New York. The atmosphere, the good service and the burgers make you forget the line.


Shake Shack

Southeast Corner Madison Square Park

 betwenn Madison Avenue and 23th Street



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