Event : Le Barbu at the Barbe à Papa restaurant

Hey, you know, Mister Fourchette loves american way of life. When i know a event which mix an uber cool brand with bugers in a smart place, i have to write about for you.


The 12th of september at 6pm, if you’re in Paris, Le BARBU, streewear brand founded by one of my old coworkers (they do also caps, accesories, bike custom and many other fun stuffs), install a event shop in the restaurant Le Barbe à Papa, an high burger place in Paris. The place rocks because inspired by a barbershop saloon like here in New York City (i went to a barbershop one week end ago and i love this type of place).




Specially for the occasion, Le Barbe à Papa developped for them a special menu call the “Le BARBU“ Menu, with a burger Le BARBU, homemade french fries, one hal pinte of bier and some Le BARBU goodies, for only 19€.


The Y-Bro will come sing acoustic hip-hop songs for a private live show. it will be they own compositions and some fresh covers. Oh i forgot, prepare yourself to see amazing custom bykes and many more handmade custom stuff. And finally, to be like in real barbershop you will eat free cotton candys.


So i don’t know what do you think of that but, for me this party sounds great and pretty tasty. So if you want to be at this party, taste this mysterious burger and be one this lucky people, my advice is to make a reservation right now.