Interview: Sayfat

Hey, today opens a new section, if you are like me and you like to discover the behind the scene stuff, the interviews on Mister Fourchette could be interesting you. I’ll try as much as possible try to meet peoples who make the culinary news.
I am particularly proud to have Jo on this first interview, the founder of the brand Sayfat because first place i love the concept of this brand, and secondary, the illustrations realized for his collections are just so cool. Their last collection is called a Fat Summer (cool schedule right ?) is about sweetness, sugar, cookies, ice cream and milkshake!




Hello Sayfat, thank you to be the first interview on Mister Fourchette, how are you today?

Fine and you?


Can you tell us about the beginning of the brand, who is behind all this?

The brand was born of different things that are pinned in my head. One, since I was 15 i always wanted create my own brand. The other, a confessed love for the Food Porn, and finally some people i met . The meeting with Cristian ‘Yumise’ (very good website I suggest you to check – Mister Fourchette) who raised my level of culture in terms of FAT, and my meeting (older) with Pascal, aka DaGhostProd, talented illustrator and huge self entrepreneur .


Why Sayfat, in these times of photoshop retouching on models is it not a bit risky as brandname ?

Precisely because we like junk food. We say that sometimes a fat burger are very good and also because we use a lot this word with my friends when we hang out last year. And we don’t care about being politically incorrect (or politically correct), we do what we like that’s all.


What are the projects of the brand for the future?

Until December, we have a 3rd collection and a beautiful collaboration we hope cool. In addition to that, we make some fat thing all the year. Before one year we would like to publish books and posters on the food porn. Finally, on the long term, we would like to open a shop one day. But we will do that later, for the moment we live day to day.


What do you think of the Streetfood movement which arrives on Paris and France since some time?

It is cool. I am not going to spit at the street food, culinary tendency, while myself i’m completely in the food porn movement. We discover some very beautiful and exciting projects (Paris New YorkLe Refectoire, L’appero…), others less interesting, but that is life. Globally this is positive and give us power to do more cool things.


For you, where do you find the best burger in Paris?

In 3 spots:  Paris New York for places, the food and the good atmosphere. Big Fernand for Bartholomé (even if recently the atmosphere disappointed us) and Blend for Cheesy.


Your best spot for chill?

On Paris you can find me at Chipotle for a lunch (BURRITO power), for a beer, the Coeur Fou in Montorgueil or Max y Jeremy on Temple, sure place. Late, my choice is le Très Honoré. A place where the magic is here.


Give us some which defines you?

I think I am adaptable person, I am very an entrepreneur, but I would be no one without my parents education.


Last book, last mp3, last movie, last live?

At the moment I read The man who wanted to be happy of Gounelle and I have just seen Ray with Jamie Foxx, enough crazy. My last concert was Lana Del Rey, Fauve or -M-, but I’m very excited to see Macklemore on stage (who really kick ass at la Maroquinerie one year ago), and a live show of Stromae in December. In sound I listen Orelsan/Casseurs Flowters, of Disiz, the Seth Gueko and last album of Jay-Z.


The last word is for you.

May the FAT be with you. Thank you Mister Fourchette! Good luck for your project.



Thank you again to Jo to take time to answer me, and to start interviews on Mister Fourchette. If you are like me and believe Sayfat Clothes are just some much cool, my advice is to go on their E-shop, or like their page on facebook, follow them instagram, and finnaly, if you order a burger in Paris New York  with your Sayfat T-shirt while August, it’s free french fried to you and your friends, if you are one or six.

Hey life is not beautiful?


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Photo par Maxime Menant.

Models : Clementine Poncin, Pauline Khun, Matthieu Ladiray et Seb Wem from Elka &Cieva