Union Square Greenmarket when good meet beautiful!

Hey, what’up you ? Fine i hope. Today we are not talking about cook but instead about ingredients and products, i don’t know is as i am my dear reader but when i’m in a new town i don’t know yet, i like to walk into the local market, it’s a good way to feel the city. Generally, in the markets, we always find the best product and it’s often smelly and noisy but with a certain charm. So you get the point, i love to walk in a market place.


Union Square Greenmarket is one of the 45 greenmarkets of New York, it’s for sure the biggest, i have to admet to see salads or cranberries with the Empire State Building in background it a little bit huge isn’t it ? We can find all fresh products plant and raise locally (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvanie), it’s a sort a big mess but all the producers do their best to make some really nice presentation with their products.




You can find everything you want, from cheapest to highest products, i confess when i came at Union Square Market, i had no time to test everything but my blueberry pack is gone in approximately 7 and half minutes ^^.


On pictures you can notice the weather is very nice, it’s normal i shouted this place last summer and i tell to myself that will be a good idea to show you now, in the cold new york winter, i know i’m a nice guy you can thank me dear reader.


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